RAGE DRIVER HAS ARRIVE TO INDONESIA. IMPERIAL GOLF COUSE DRIVING RANGE on December 7th at 10:00 am - 11.30 am continue at PGA Driving Range at 02:00

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GS 95

The all-new GS95, a lightweight steel shaft that is easy to swing and gives a great ‘graphite-like’ feel.

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I can’t imagine in Indonesia has such good team work of club fitters. Not only the quality of work, but also the services. I had purchase the shaft (Enzo shaft for my wood#3) from Fit One at Sudirman, when I play at Imperial Golf Course, I feel not 100% comfortable yet for my wood #3, so I readjust at Fit One locate in Imperial, and they give me free of charge, now I feel 100% confidence with my wood#3. Thank you Mr. Yusman at Imperial and Mr. Wawan at Sudirman. Good team work.

~ Sugihira

Keep the good work FIT ONE. I am comfortable with NS PRO V90 on my sets. Thanks Pak Budi dan Pak Wawan at PGA.

~ Inoshita

Our Services

Custom club fitting is a complex and scientific subject requiring precise personal measurements. Individual swing and various physical parameters are determined and a set is hand built for the golfer.

Each golfers swing, strength and size is checked practically on the golf range using a wide assortment of clubheads, shafts, and grips available.

In FIT ONE Club Fitting our Club Fitters have Standard Operational Procedure to give our service to our customers.

STEP 1 : Interview and Present Golf Club Evaluation

An introductory interview is conducted so that we can get to know you, discuss your game, determine your current equipment, if any. You will also get to know us. Its important for us to know what equipment you are using as there are unfortunately no set standards in the golf industry and what could be one companies regular flex could be another companies stiff flex or visa versa. This will all help us build a picture and start fitting not necessarily to today's swing but also to the swing you are aspiring to have.


STEP 2 : The Dynamic Fitting

Dynamic fitting is where we get you to hit numerous balls using a large variety of fitting clubs we have in our workshop. We don't like to confuse maters by giving you loads and loads of different clubs to try and we concentrate on the clubs that will fit your unique swing.

During the process we are looking at a vast number of elements and variables including clubhead speed, swing tempo, shaft weight, torque, flex and flex profile, ball trajectory, launch angle and distance achieved, but most importantly we are getting feedback from the customer as to his/her likes and dislikes.

To help us determine exactly what your swing is doing we use state of the art devices such as the Swing Speed Analyzer whichever is appropriate and beneficial to assist you and your unique Golf Swing. Slowly we start piecing together a club for you. We help guide you through this process finding a club head, shaft, and grip you like that will best suit your unique swing.


STEP 3 : The assembled Golf Club Custom Fitted to you

It is now up to us to assemble your clubs from the information we have collected. They will be precisely matched, measured and cut to length, frequency tuned and swing-weighted to match your unique swing. This is all done in our workshop. The Club Maker will take pride in making an ultimate set of golf clubs for a golfer’s unique Golf swing.



Once we made your Golf Clubs the fitting does not necessarily stop there. Of course you are our customer but we view you more as a client. We encourage feedback and your clubs may occasionally need fine adjustments to make sure they are still an exact fit, so retaining an interest in you and your performance will help you enjoy your golf game and we can be part of that success. Our customer also can re-service: swing weight adjustment or any particular service except changing product, as free of charge* in any FIT ONE Club Fitting workshop. So far we have 4 work shops, and we hope we can open spread in Indonesia to support our customers need and services. This is all part of our comprehensive service. *Terms and Conditions apply