RAGE DRIVER HAS ARRIVE TO INDONESIA. IMPERIAL GOLF COUSE DRIVING RANGE on December 7th at 10:00 am - 11.30 am continue at PGA Driving Range at 02:00

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GS 95

The all-new GS95, a lightweight steel shaft that is easy to swing and gives a great ‘graphite-like’ feel.

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I can’t imagine in Indonesia has such good team work of club fitters. Not only the quality of work, but also the services. I had purchase the shaft (Enzo shaft for my wood#3) from Fit One at Sudirman, when I play at Imperial Golf Course, I feel not 100% comfortable yet for my wood #3, so I readjust at Fit One locate in Imperial, and they give me free of charge, now I feel 100% confidence with my wood#3. Thank you Mr. Yusman at Imperial and Mr. Wawan at Sudirman. Good team work.

~ Sugihira

Keep the good work FIT ONE. I am comfortable with NS PRO V90 on my sets. Thanks Pak Budi dan Pak Wawan at PGA.

~ Inoshita


There are also a vast amount of grips on the market and once again we are not governed by the type of grip we can put on your clubs. We like to fit grips for comfort and size so your muscles are relaxed allowing a smooth swing. Far too often golfers tend to grip clubs too tight and destroy their rhythm as a consequence.